A fine fabric draws attention to itself. But then the objective of a fine garment is not to draw attention to itself but to bestow elegance and power to the person wearing it. Since 1990 Rekha’s has been converting the finest fabrics into perfect garments for the discerning elite of Indonesia. How do we do that?

We at Rekha’s know that there are 114 different types of body structures among human beings. Contours of a client’s physical attributes are captured using a state of the art scanning machine and the results are studied by a master craftsman using software.

Finest fabrics from Italy, Swarovski crystals, German fusion materials, Japanese embroidery machinery, European designs and the client’s taste are brought together by a master craftsman to create the perfect garment.


Custom Shirts

We have a wide range of custom shirts tailor-made for your body and can be used every day and for special occasions.



Custom Suits

Look like a proper gentleman and get special custom-made suits specifically designed for you to wear at any formal event.



Ready To Wear

Choose from our large collection of ready-to-wear clothing that you can take straight from the rack with no waiting required.


Clothes Make The Man

'Clothes make the man' said William Shakespeare and Mark Twain reiterated it. 'The man is his clothing' Greek proverb.

Smart and powerful people use clothes as tools or weapons to non-verbally communicate with the society at large, to establish dominance over others and to obtain control over the immediate world around them.

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  • Thus far, the most consistent tailor in Jakarta in terms of quality of work and timeliness. I’ve made several orders – pants, shirts, and batik (even batiks from other suppliers), and alterations. All of them fit nicely.

    – Bramono Lunardi
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