For a lot of people, a shirt is a garment for the upper body that comprises a collar, a pair of sleeves, cuffs, and has buttons on the front side. The folks among us that are more stylish, however, know that that there is so much more to shirts than what meets the eye. Fit and fabric are everything.

The seam where the sleeve meets the shoulder, the spacing between the buttoned up collar and the neck, the smug slope of the fabric on the chest, the tapered contours of a sleeve, and the length and fall of the shirt below the chest must all be perfect to exude the maximum amount of elegance and power.

Shirts that hug your chest are too tight and those that droop over your shoulders are too loose. The proper shirt has to be just right and highlight the contours of the wearer's body by fitting smugly without restricting movements.

As for clothing material, you have loads of options to choose from such as nylon, polyester, cotton, and wool. There are different types of fabrics such as woven, knitted, laced, and blended. No fabric is superior in every aspect, but you should wear high-quality clothing with 100% material to avail all the positives.

You need to wear the right fabric with the right fit at the right occasion. Only when this happens are you assured of looking your best. Lucky for you, Rekha’s Tailors can help.

We at Rekhas Tailors specialize in striking a perfect harmony between an individual’s physical attributes and the various elements of a shirt to highlight the stylish nature of our client. In the shirts segment we offer the following:We offer four prominent varieties of shirts:

  • Designer Batik Shirts
  • Designer Party Wear Shirts
  • Formal Shirts
  • Casual Shirts



Bespoke Tailored shirts made to fit at Rekhastailors

Sensational Shirts from Rekha’s Tailors

Power-dressing can really help people see you as a go-getter. Plus, if you learn the art of clothes, you can sell at a greater price than what you are worth. It is something applicable for every male, not just businessmen or politicians.

Whether you’re looking for a designer Batik shirt, designer party wear, formal shirt, or casual shirt, why not purchase it from Rekha’s Tailors? We can give you shirts that perfect for your body.  

Rekha’s Tailors stresses the importance of clothing fit. This is why we offer a specialized made to measure custom fit which is particularly useful for men who don’t conform to the standard Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Every human being is different, and we wish to do your body justice. It doesn’t matter if you are a young adult, middle-aged, elder, married, single, blue-collar, or white-collar, as all men are welcome to try our shirts.

The shirts from Rekha’s Tailors are empowering yet elegant to make sure you look and feel your best. Rekha’s Tailors to Indonesia what Jermyn Street is to London. You can pay us a visit at the Plaza Indonesia shopping mall. Contact us if you need more information.

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