For a lot of people, a shirt is a garment for the upper body that comprises a collar, a pair of sleeves & cuffs and buttons on the front side. But the stylish folks know that the seam where the sleeve meets the shoulder, the spacing between the buttoned up collar and the neck, the smug slope of the fabric on the chest, the tapered contours of a sleeve and the length and fall of the shirt below the chest has to be perfect to exude power. Without being loose fitting, shirts should highlight the contours of the wearer's body by fitting smugly without restricting movements.

We at Rekhas Tailors specialize in striking a perfect harmony between an individual’s physical attributes and the various elements of a shirt to highlight the stylish nature of our client. In the shirts segment we offer the following:

  • Designer Batik Shirts
  • Designer Party Wear
  • Formal Shirts
  • Casual Shirts


Batik Shirts

Go back to your roots with bedazzling batik shirts from Rekha’s Tailors. Batik shirts are traditional garments with wax-resist dyeing to the cloth which results in colorful patterns and designs. They are a great blend of the traditional and western styles.

These shirts work great for almost any casual situation, like parties, birthdays, and festivals. It is also perfect for both warm and cool temperatures. The traditional textiles are getting a makeover and are back in style. There are many illustrious decorations to choose from so you can show off your scintillating culture and heritage in a classy manner.


Mandarin Collar Shirts

The mandarin collar is a small, close-fitting upright collar. A mandarin collar extends from two to five centimetres above the neckline. It is circular and doesn’t have flaps. This makes sense because they are too small to fold anyway. Mandarin colors are confused with band collars, but they are actually standing collars. The collars usually leave a gap at the top unlike band collars. The collars got their name from the Mandarin gowns worn in China.  

The collar may be the smallest part of the shirt compared to the sleeves and body, but that doesn’t make it any less important. The collar is situated at eye-level which makes it nearly impossible to miss. Don’t disregard it. You may get away with sloppy shoes, or even sloppy cuffs, but never a sloppy collar.


Business Shirts

Business shirts could be business casual or formal attire. These are the long sleeve shirts that usually have solid colors, though they may have stripes and spots. Although they may be made from nylon or polyester, they are usually cotton clothing. They are the most popular type of formal clothing.

This shirt is meant to be worn in formal surroundings like an interview, wedding, or business trip. Some workplaces require you to wear the attire every time you come to the office. Men’s dress shirts have been designed to carry a jacket and tie, though they are usually worn with neither. These shirts work best for meetings, conferences, and presentations.


Sensational Shirts from Rekha’s Tailors

Whether it’s batik shirts, mandarin collar shorts, or business shirts, why not order some from Rekha’s Tailors? Power-dressing can really help people see you as a go-getter. Plus, if you learn the art of clothes, you can sell at a greater price than what you are worth. We can give you shirts that perfect for your body.  

We can also offer a custom fit to help men who don’t fit with the standard Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Our shirts are empowering yet elegant, to make sure you look and feel your best. Just visit us at the Plaza Indonesia shopping mall. Contact us for more.

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