It doesn’t matter where you are located - the US, Australia, India, or Indonesia. The wearing of a suit shows that you mean business.

Suits have variations in many different features such as cut, cloth, design, pieces, and buttons (single-breasted versus double-breasted). Men usually wear a suit along with a collared shirt.

Whether you opt for a tie is your decision, though fully formal events require a tie. Sometimes, a coat is worn on these occasions as well. Suits come in many versions such as lounge suits, wedding suits, mandarin suits, business suits, dinner suits, and the impeccable tuxedo.

Suits can be either bespoke, made to measure, or ready-to-wear.

Suits Attract

Nothing says “class” like a great suit. Suits are viewed as an indication of your luxurious status and people will immediately hold someone in a suit in high esteem. You will be respected and admired in a way you never were before, all because of your suit.

A suit will draw eyeballs towards you and is sure to make you get noticed. Suits make you stand out from the crowd and are sure to catch the eye of everyone walking by. Not just the men, but the women, and the children too!

Suits have an amazing power in that make you look your best which consequently brings out the best in you. Any man looks smart in a suit. Suits elevate your appearance and make you look more handsome, thus amplifying your presence.

The Evolution of Suits

Suits in the modern day aren’t limited either. They have expanded from being just black, navy blue, and grey. Now, suits come in red, brown, purple, and pretty much every colour of the rainbow. White suits, in particular, are being worn more and more

Even the most gentleman thing ever, the suit, is evolving, and that is good news for everyone involved. Suits are not meant for elders or businessmen now. They are being worn at and on university campuses.

It’s time to dust off that ancient relic because suits are back in fashion. Plus, they are more comfortable than ever which means that what people once saw as a burden is now a boon.

Suits are worn by people from all walks of life, including movie stars, world leaders, millionaires, and average men alike. However, the fact of the matter is that people don’t just wear suits for no reason or because they feel like it. The suit was and always will be a status symbol of the highest level.

Three Types of Suits

Here at Rekha’s Tailors, we offer custom tailor three kinds of fitment for suits:

  • Slim Fit
  • Classic Fit
  • Modern Fit

Slim Fit

The slim fit is, as recommended by its name, for humankind who are slim. It is fit the closest to the body and there isn’t much excess fabric. The suit is cut narrowly, trimming off wastage. The result is a great tight-fitting suit that flatters the wearer’s body.

The slim fit suit is not a wetsuit but it allows you to show off your great body due to the elimination of unnecessary surplus. It is more snug-fitting and gives you a more slick and handsome look.

The slim fit is best flaunted by younger males and those who exercise regularly. However, you don’t have to be ultra-thin to wear it, just have a lean build.


Classic Fit

With the classic fit, comfort takes priority. It allows a comfortable feel due to its shape and is the easiest suit to wear. The classic fit is great for flexibility as it doesn’t hug your contours or restrict your movements in any manner.

Classic fit is extremely for men of all shapes and sizes as the body and sleeves are cut rather generously. They give you adequate room so you can feel relaxed and move around freely.

The best part is that it still maintains a clean body shape. Those who do not have a body lean enough for slim fit will love the classic fit.


Modern Fit

Then there is the modern or contemporary fit. It is not too boxy like the classic (traditional) fitting suit, but isn’t as restrict as slim fit. This makes modern fit the best of both worlds. This type of suit has been gaining ground in recent times, hence the name. It is more of a change in preferences rather than a clash of styles, though.

Modern fit suits helps you look slim while still offering you some breathing room. Modern suits will help you look stylish and impressionable. The suits are wonderful for people who are both young and old. Both boys and men are welcome to wear them.

If you cannot decide into slim fit and classic fit, modern fit is a satisfying middle ground. It is no shock that modern fitting suits are in fashion right now.


Spectacular Suits from Rekhas Tailors

These three suit fitments of slim, modern, and classic are designed for the three body types of ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph respectively.  

When it comes to suits, it is about finding your own personal style. Suits are not one size fits all so there is no perfect fit, size, or fabric that works for everybody. It all depends on you, your body, where you are going, and what you want to wear.  

Suits are a time-honoured piece of clothing that will never go out of style. Forget all the rules and laws that used to be associated with wearing a suit. Now, there is only one rule: Look as great as humanly possible.

Rekhas Tailors Will Suit Your Needs

Do you want to rock a suit from Rekha’s Tailors? We can find a suitable suit that suits you to help you pull off whatever fashionable look you want.

We have slim, modern, and classic fitting suits in many colours and sizes. Our extravagant customers only deserve the highest-quality clothing. Clothes make the man, after all, and Rekhas Tailors can give you scintillating suits that make you look superhuman.

We are located in the Plaza Indonesia Mall in Jakarta, so be sure to visit us. Just contact us if you need additional information. Stay classy!

Phone: +62 21 29923911


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